Have you wondered the manifesting power of crystal jewellery and crystals?

Our top three crystals to create more success, motivation, impact and action in your life are here to inspire you to feel more connected and inspired! Citrine, Chrysoprase, Aquamarine.

Wear these jewellery pieces now to trust your decisions more now and move faster through life to manifest your dream business and life. How amazing would that be!


Citrine: We love Citrine for more than Abundance and building wealth, yes, it also reminds us of our full potential, being confident and knowing by now feeling and knowing that we can have everything we want all the time. Wear this to remind yourself that there is always more! Click here to get your Citrine dainty necklace now.


Chrysoprase: Do you remember a time you were totally inspired to take action? Imagine having your own personal motivation stone that helps you make fast decisions, how handy would that be, well Chrysoprase is it! I love wearing it on my hands so I can see it all day! Shop our adjustable Chrysoprase rings now and feel more inspired!


Aquamarine : Decision making is fast when it is simple, isn't it! Imagine if all we needed to do is choose to break the cycle of indecision. Sometimes when you don't want to choose, you want to choose more, right! Well this is my favourite for over thinking and getting more done! Don't let indecision not let you choose! Plus how stunning is the beautiful ocean blue colour! Feel clearer now with Aquamarine, buy your adjustable silver ring now!

xx Tegan Mel


PS. If you you are curious about how to utilise crystals more in your business to scale and make more impact, I would love to invite you to our Product Babes community where you will also surround yourself with other crystal loving business owners! Click here to apply to join now. 

May 16, 2021 — Tegan Mel
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