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Healing Crystal Jewellery Gold Coast Australia

Welcome to Soul Quartz – home of beautiful gifts and healing crystal jewellery in Australia that will inspire and nourish your soul. We believe in lifting your inner vibration and realising your potential.

Our stunning collection of crystal jewellery includes necklaces, rings, earrings and our signature crystal crowns – each designed to fill your day with intention and inspiration. Once you start wearing these beautiful handcrafted pieces, you will fall in love. No two pieces are the same. Each is entirely unique and lovingly created just for you.

Our crystal jewellery is more than just jewellery. You can welcome abundance into your life when you choose your intentions for the day with what you wear. You deserve to nourish your soul with the very best. How wonderful will it feel to choose your positive intention!

Gorgeous clear quartz necklaces in Australia

You deserve to look and feel your best every day, and we’re here to help you realise your potential and purpose. Surround yourself with beautiful pieces that instantly lift your vibration – or give a thoughtful gift to the ones you love.

Each stone in our crystal jewellery offers unique healing properties to enrich your soul with inner clarity. Listening to your intuition and choosing the stone that speaks to you will make your path clear.

  • Our clear quartz necklaces in Australia are ideal for clarity, manifestation, goal setting and amplifying your intentions. These are perfect to wear when you need to feel empowered with a clear direction.
  • If you’ve been feeling flat and in need of a pick-me-up, our citrine jewellery provides motivation by igniting your inner fire and passion. Citrine is known as the stone of abundance.
  • If you’re in need of self-love and inner peace, our rose quartz earrings are a stunning addition to your collection, and an absolute boho dream!

Take a look through our collection today and trust your intuition. The stone you choose will put you on the path to greater self-love and understanding.

We’re here to help you navigate the journey

Not sure which piece to choose? We offer a personalised shopping service, where we offer guidance, advice and recommendations as to which piece will help you in your healing journey.

Whatever it is that you need – from choosing the perfect necklace or crystal ring as a gift for a friend, healing crystal jewellery for yourself, or perhaps a beautiful journal from Magic of I – we are here to help guide you in your decision. Reach out and speak to our friendly team today – we’ll help to set you on your way with purpose and clarity.

Raise your vibration with healing crystal jewellery today

At Soul Quartz, we’ve been designing our range of crystal jewellery in Australia for over seven years. We’re here to nurture and inspire our incredible community – and we believe in supporting beautiful soulful brands that are eco-friendly and ethically-made.

Join our VIP community, where you’ll receive 10% off on your first order, and be the first to know about new goodies, product releases and deals! We also have FREE express delivery Australia-wide on all orders over $150. 

You can also visit our Luxe Crystal Boutique at 17/50 James St, Burleigh on the Gold Coast (inside the Big B arcade, next door to the stunning Social Brew cafe). This is the ultimate beautiful luxe crystal gift shop. Find your dream fine crystal jewellery piece, discover crystal-inspired homewares and positive mindset gifts, experience manifesting and mindset events and transformational in person sessions! Excited to see you in store!

Need further tips or assistance? Get in touch with us by email enquiries@soulquartz.com or call 0492 887 736 today.