We are celebrating our woman!
Our Crystal and Boho boutique is more then a beautiful gift shop, it is a community of connected woman who feel AMAZING and say yes to creating a powerful impact on the world.

1. Celebrating our Team

Our core team at Soul Quartz are Tegan, Tahlia, Franchesca and Jess who are strong, intentional and powerful woman. If you have ever visited our store or an event over the years, you would have welcomed lovingly by one of us, or at least Tegan, right!

Many of you have been following us for a while now and will know that we started out as a jewellery label (almost 6 years ago - July is our birthday!!) Now we have a destination boutique in Noosa supporting about 30 small batch and ethical Female lead brands!

By now you will know how welcoming our team are, making it a welcoming environment online and in Noosa! Caring about you feeling amazing when you visit us so you have the most magical experience and take home the most stunning treasures!


2. Celebrating our brands

Our ethos is to support female lead brands with soul and heart. We love our brands and our founder, Tegan Mel, only brings in brands she absolutely LOVES! The importance of supporting local Australian labels means we can empower and inspire woman in our community to create amazing brands as well as supporting their families.


3. Celebrating YOU

What makes our brand so amazing is the community that surrounds us, don't you agree! We LOVE that you sit in the same intention as us and make a huge impact by supporting us as a brand AND as creating the most amazing connections when we get to meet you in person.


We love you and thank you for being part of Soul Quartz! 

Click here to shop our core Soul Quartz jewellery range to help you stay more connected to your true beauty!


xx Tegan and the SQ team 



March 08, 2021 — Tegan Mel
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