Today is a New Moon in Gemini and the last day of the eclipse portal.
I know what you are thinking,  just another blog about the new moon... I have seen this all before and know all about the new moon….
Well most new moons are about manifesting and calling in the new. However under an eclipse, this is different, it is the time of allowing! How exciting, right!
Let's keep it simple!
Eclipses are the re-juggler! Re assess everything that happens over that time and shift, drop away, change what is no longer in alignment.
Stillness can be the ultimate driver.
Imagine a dog that was carrying a branch in his mouth, holding onto the branch and carrying it around with him everywhere he went. He couldn’t run through the dog door as the branch was too wide so he had wait until someone opened a door for him. He refused to let go of the branch (even when he slept, he had it with him). Then one day, during the Eclipse season, he is running around the beach and suddenly surrenders and the branch drops into the ocean! He has two choices, either to be in the space of surrender and let it float away or swim out and grab the soggy branch to grip onto what he knows so well. What does he do?
Curious about 3 ways to make the most of the energy of the Eclipse?
  • Create SPACE.... Is there anything that you are still carrying that can be let go of today before the eclipse in a few hours? A great way to do this is jump in the bath and allow your body to SOAK! Have you tried our stunning bath soaks yet? They smell and look beautiful and are also eco friendly. We higly recommend this during the days following the eclipse too. Click here to shop our bath collection
  • Grab your favourite journal and write down your goals. See them, feel them, hear them. Who is there? What does it look like? Are you looking out of your own eyes? Write it all down in detail!  Our mini Magic of I journals are the perfect size for writing out your goals. Isn’t it pretty incredible how much magic we can create simply by writing pen to paper! If you want to amplify the energy of your goals then holding a piece of clear quartz is the an excellent option! Shop journals now
  • Be present with yourself! Yes you heard me. Turn off those notifications, breathe, light a candle and lather yourself with luxe body oils. Find the present in the presence. This is full integration time. Allow yourself to be and you might be amazed at what you see. Treat yourself with our skincare collection
June 10, 2021 — Tegan Mel
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