Feeling overwhelmed, flat and uninspired? 
Here is our top three crystals to wear to get that motivation pumping again!
1. Citrine if you are feeling flat. 
The stone of abundance can help us get motivated by igniting our inner fire and feeling passionate again! 
Citrine dainty yellow gold necklace
2. Chrysoprase if you are overwhelmed where to start
Chrysoprase is the go to for getting out of your head and into inspired action!
Stop over planning and start doing! 
That to do list might be overwhelming, but pick one thing and start or if that is too much do something that gets your blood pumping!
Crank up that music and fist pump like Rocky. 
Put on your Chrysoprase and do something; any action is better then none! Move that energy and feel alive.
Chrysoprase dainty necklace yellow gold
3 Clear Quartz if uninspired
Our go to for finding clarity and setting clear goals.
Wear when you need to feel fresh, empowered with a clear direction!
Clear Quartz dainty necklace 14k yellow gold fill
xx Tegan
October 14, 2020 — Tegan Mel
Tags: Blog