Tegan, founder of Soul Quartz talks about her journey and creating a soulful business that empowers woman in many ways.


What was life like before Soul Quartz and how did you start?

I started Soul Quartz as a jewellery label 5 years ago with a huge passion for crystals, energy work and making beautiful pieces that would act as healing treasures. I wanted to empower woman to tap into their intuition while wearing beautiful crystal jewellery as reminders of their own inner strength, worthiness, purpose and kindness to themselves. 

I grew up in Melbourne and was a travel agent for 8 years. As a typical Sagittarius, I was always on the move (I still am). At last count I have been to 64 countries and many of those multiple times! To ground a little I started getting Kinesiology sessions which was my introduction to energy work. Inspired by the Liquid Crystals that she incorporated into her sessions, I wanted to learn more! I did my Reiki 1 & 2 and then moved to Sydney to do a diploma of Energetic Healing and meditation. The gateway opened!

I started making wire jewellery out of crystals from the local crystal shop (sorry to all my friends who had my first pieces!).

Before Soul Quartz I had a resin jewellery business which lasted a very short time, but ignigted my love for jewellery making. As a child I LOVED making jewellery out of beads so it has always been there. It was very experimental and fun.

It was very experimental and fun!

I moved to Brissie after my course to move in with my man. When I was there I decided to start doing local markets with the jewellery I was making, that is where Soul Quartz began! I was still working as a Travel Agent so it was still a side gig. In June I decided to leave the travel biz and put my energy into Soul Quartz. Shortly after that I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. For the next 6 months I went on a huge healing journey, whilst still making jewellery (of course). I am healthy now, but it was a big healing process of throwing everything at it. This is a story for another time, but my crystals helped and supported me a lot (I even took a piece of Smoky and Amethyst Elestial Quartz into surgery (they put it in a bag and taped it to my gown!).

The best bit was while I was recovering in hospital I was let go from my part time receptionist job. This was the catalyst for going full time in Soul Quartz. It is amazing the path that leads the way. Something that could seem like a block at the time, could be your biggest opportunity. 

It is amazing the path that leads the way. Something that could seem like a block could be your biggest opportunity!

 I stepped up and started going to every market I could get into, aiming to really get momentum with my business! 4am starts in the rain and dark, windy days (my marquee flew away once...), big crowds, no crowds; lots of ups and downs with markets. Designer markets, spiritual markets, local food markets I loved it. Creating a beautiful space and chatting to people made my heart happy.

You now have a bricks and mortar shop, how did you go from local markets to that?

I took a chance and started doing huge music festivals. Invested everything and had a BIG vision. My crystal crowns started out as a new product for my first Splendour in the Grass! They came about through trial and error. I started putting fairy lights in the crowns on day 2 of my first Splendour when I saw someone selling fairy lights and decided to wrap them in my crown; everyone wanted a glowing crown, so I went and bought all their lights. They were huge hit and became one of my statement pieces for my festival years!

For about 3 years I did Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bluesfest, Byron Spirit Fest, Woodford Folk Festival plus more. I loved decking out the space and creating something really special, more like a bohemian crystal space where people could come and connect, rather then just a market stall. I loved it.

I loved decking out the space and creating something really special, more like a bohemian crystal space where people could come and connect, rather then just a market stall. 

I had begun to refine my jewellery and the style changed to become more elegant, dainty and boho, so my work became more reflective for designer markets, such as Boho Luxe and Finders Keepers. I began travelling around the country doing these markets as well as the Mind Body Spirit Festival.  Another shift and progression of Soul Quartz.

One of my highlights from doing all these amazing events, was the connections! All the talented and beautiful people I have met. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities to meet such stand out humans. 


What made you decide open a retail shop?

Opening a boutique had been a dream of mine for about 4 years. My vision was to open a light and bright “non traditional” crystal boutique that showcased my jewellery along with other beautiful brands who I had met along the way.

After doing 5 years of markets, I am honoured to have met so many creative and soulful business woman (and men) who put so much love into their beautiful products.

I wanted to create a space that could also lift up and empower other beautiful brands (co-incidentally they are almost all female owned and run).

Over the years, I visualised the boutique pretty much as it is now. Even having a space big enough to run workshops that align with Soul Quartz.


So one day my partner Matt and I were having a day out in Noosa. We were recommended the cafe Jungle & co by a friend. While sitting there an empty shop caught my eye and my intuition piped up! With absolute great ease, within a couple of weeks, I was opening the shop of my dreams.

I definitely started before I was ready as I was not expecting to open the shop when I did, but I just rolled with my intuition. Say yes and figure it out later is a great motto that has gotten me far!

Say yes and figure it out later is a great motto that has gotten me far!

Why a crystal and yoga boutique?

It is essentially a full expression of myself and the things I love! Yoga is a big part of my life (I am also a yoga teacher) and I wanted to create a space that could be a shop where other yogis like me could find peace and and beautiful and unique treasures.

The space empowers woman to tune into their intuition and practice self care.

Currently almost all the small batch brands we stock in the boutique are from female run small businesses (we have one male run one)! Each of our brands have a story and have been created with conscious intentions for the greater good. You can truely feel that energy when walking into the boutique. It is all about the intentions we create

I truely believe from the bottom of my heart, how important it is to help lift each other up. Let's rise together, when one of us grows, we can all grow and evolve.

What is your advice for someone wanting to start a business?

Start before you are ready! Start by taking some action, maybe that looks like booking a stall at your local market (even if it doesn’t look perfect), build a website (even if it is basic), write down your vision or goals (even if you know they will change)

I used to carry jewellery around with me and when I would start talking about my business I had something to show and sell them. I remember I was visiting family in Melbourne and had a box of jewellery with me and ended up selling a few pieces to some owners of a beautiful cafe! You never know who will say yes, unless you ask!

I am a big risk taker, but I use my intuition to feel into the risks. I do the work. You can do anything you dream of if you start taking action and follow the lead of your heart. Walk through open doors.
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March 08, 2020 — Tegan Mel
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