Tegan here. I know how stressful the world feels at the moment (especially for small businesses like ours) so firstly, I want to check in see how you are!

As you know, we support small batch brands in our business, brands that could potentially be greatly impacted by the COVID-19 virus. I want to bring up the topic of supporting small businesses right now. 

For those in isolation or social distancing, it can be an amazing opportunity to pause from daily life, especially when you can work from home. However for the self employed including your local shops, cafes, yoga studios, event businesses and many other small labels and designers, isolation can have a big impact on them. We want all our favourite small businesses to come out the other side!

So what can you do?
Think outside the box!

10 Ideas on how to support small businesses

1. Is there someone who isn't well that you can post a gift to? You might even be able to get the shop to post directly to them - I know we do that for people! 

2. Can you support an online event?

3. Order online from your favourite local shop to help support you if you are in isolation. 

4. Keep your membership going at your local yoga studio (even if you are in isolation). Many studios rely on memberships to stay a float!

5. If you were going to buy something from a larger shop, can you order from a local or small business?

6. Ask the question, before you spend the money, who is this going to?

7. if you are well and not in isolation, go support your local cafe or restaurant! If you can't leave the house, you could always get delivery from your local business or get someone to bring you take away!

8. Looking for food supplies? Look local before going to the larger supermarket chains (which look like they are bonkers right now anyway)

9. Check out facebook groups (eg Like Minded Bitches) for lists of local businesses for you to support. I know there are lots of posts going around about this.  

10. Write a positive review for a business you love on google or facebook and/or re-share one of their posts to your friends!

What can you do to keep your wellness and immune system strong?
- Meditate
- Yoga at home (give it a go, or use one of the many online classes like Alive Yogi)
- 10 deep belly breaths
- go outside into the sun
- journal
- use essential oils to support your wellbeing
- wash your hands with soap 
- Call a friend and check in on them if they are in isolation
- go into nature! 
- sit with your crystals
- write down daily gratitudes

If you are not well or in isolation and want to still support the small businesses then please order online. While Australia post is still running please make the most of this to continue to support your favourite brands. 

When you support small businesses like ours during a time like this you are keeping them a float so they will still be in business in the future. You are also circulating money into the community and keeping your favourite brands alive. 

To help you support our business as well as all the small businesses we stock and support, we are offering you free express shipping on all your orders over $50. (Australia wide only)

Use this code at checkout for free express shipping:

We are offering our free express shipping until 11:59pm Friday 20th March AEST

We are in this together, so think with foresight and lift each other up.

Stay well, 

Love Tegan and the Soul Quartz team. 

March 18, 2020 — Tegan Mel
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