We all want happy crystals so here are our tips on looking after yours, including cleansing, setting intentions and looking after your jewellery: 



5 ways to cleanse your crystals:
  1. Smudge. Get yourself some white sage or palo santo and hold your crystal so the smoke covers the stone or jewellery.This is also a great way to cleanse your space and yourself. 
  2. Not so keen on burning sage? You can use a sage sprays which works the same, yet without the smoke (hello enclosed spaces with smoke detectors). We stock a range of mists, sprays and essential oils.
  3. Use sound, yes you heard right, sound can shift the resonance of everything, including crystals. Use a singing bowl, voice, drums, shakers....basically anything that will break up the energy.
  4. Selenite! Yes there are some stones that cleanse other stones. You can place your jewellery on Selenite to give them a little cleanse, great if you want a quick reboot. 
  5. Moonlight, during the full moon bring your crystals out under the moon for a practice that has been around for a very long time. The energy of letting go  is so potent under the full moon so it is the perfect time to give your crystals a letting go cleanse too. 


How to set an intention

Energetically connecting to the crystal :
Hold the crystal to your heart or wherever you are drawn to and close your eyes. Imagine you can see, feel, hear, smell and even taste how you would like the crystal to work with you. For example, if you chose Citrine and would like more financial abundance, imagine what it looks like, feels like and sounds like to have that. Deep breathe and feel it as if it has already happened. This is your intention. 
This is why working with crystals while setting goals is so powerful, they amplify your intentions.  
Finally, how to physically look after your crystals and jewellery:
Like you, we love raw crystals for their unique beauty. This comes with something to be aware of....raw crystals are delicate! So if you drop them, they may shatter (they are not invincible as much as we sometimes would love to believe!)
With this in mind, you can keep your jewellery and singular crystals safe by following these hot tips:
1. Let your crystal be how they are. This means leaving the wire as is and avoiding bending the ear posts/ hooks/ wire settings. Did you know that all metals can snap if bent too much.
2  Soft surfaces keep your crystals happy! Concrete and hard surfaces may chip the stones, so treat them with care.
3. Keep your jewellery shiny by avoiding chemicals and too much salt water. We use sterling silver and 14k gold fill in our designs so they will stay gold a lot longer than plated jewellery, however harsh chemicals (deodorants, spray, swimming pools)  and salt can dull the shine. Personally we suggest taken your Soul Quartz jewellery off in the ocean to avoid waves damaging your piece. 
4. Sweating and humidity can tarnish metals as some people have higher PH levels. This is especially important to remember when wearing our studs as sweat can sometimes breakdown the attachment of the ear backing over time. 
5. Polishing cloths are incredible at bringing the shine back to your jewellery. Our faves are the sunshine cloths.

6. Wear your jewellery everyday! We believe everyday is a special occasion!

Wear the crystals, put your favourite stones on display and use the natural perfumes.... you are worth it and life is here to be lived!

xo Tegan


January 30, 2018 — Tegan Mel
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