Are you always attracted to the same stone? Ever wondered why? Here are a few insights into what attracts you to different crystals. Plus keep reading to find out how to select your next crystal...

1. We are winked at by a crystal from across the room! When we are attracted to a crystal we are attracted to it's frequency. The idea that "they pick us" is very accurate as we are both tuned into the same frequency so simultaneously we connect. This explains why a crystal tends to draw us in from across the room.

2. We are working on a certain chakra energy centre. This explains why we are attracted to different coloured stones. For example if you are always drawn to blue crystals then have a look at your throat chakra and how you are communicating with others. Are you speaking your truth? Sharing your wisdom?

3. We are needing a bit of what they have. Yep that's right, they might have some insights for us and wearing a crystal can help us shift a bit more into the nature of that stone. For example a Rose Quartz teaches us about compassion, forgiveness and self love. Where in your life do you need some more self compassion and taking some more time out for you? That forgiveness might be for yourself - take a moment to stop and find some gratitude for who you are to you.

So basically crystals attract us to help us learn more and evolve. Always trust your instinct with which crystals you select and don't just go for the ones you think you"need" or "should" get...if you do, then you might be missing on some pretty magical moments. 

Great - so how do I choose?

The simplest answer is to trust your intuition, look around our boutique or website and see what grabs your attention. If you are in person, take hold of the crystal and hold it to your heart, notice if you feel a shift in energy. If you go with your first instinct you can't go wrong (even if you are picking for someone else)!



January 16, 2018 — Tegan Mel
Tags: Blog