Rose Quartz - Goddess Jewellery Set - 14k Yellow Gold


Soul Quartz Goddess jewellery set in Yellow Gold


Our Goddess jewellery set in Rose Quartz is so stunning it will nourish your soul!


Rose Quartz is the ultimate lover of love! Helps you remember to fill up your own cup first so you can then help others. 

Perfect for the lover of love, mama bear that LOVES to give to everyone, someone who needs to treat themself with that extra bit of self love, care, trust and nurturing!


The ultimate match for all outfits, for the rebel lover of all beautiful boho treasures


This set comes with:

1x Dainty Rose Quartz necklace in Yellow Gold

1x pair of Rose Quartz Drop Earrings in Yellow Gold

1x Intuitively selected bonus crystal 


Our gold is 14k Yellow Gold Fill which is a step down from fine jewellery, meaning your treasure will stay gold, even when you wear them in the shower!


We recommend taking them off for exercise and ocean swims (etc) as the jewellery is dainty and raw stones are delicate. 


Each stone has its own unique personality, so will look different slightly to the ones pictured. 


If you would like your set gift wrapped, leave a note at check out. Greeting cards from local artists are also available to purchase.