2023 feels different. We’ve already began the year with retrogrades, powerful full moons and more.

Every person we speak with has felt it, deep changes, we are sure you have too. This year is the spring after winter, the seeds are starting to grow with more ease and very soon we will be able to reap the benefits of what we truly desire.

In Human Design, each type has a different manifesting aura that attracts their deepest desires. And when each field is clear, manifestation occurs.

Matched with crystals as a powerful focus for manifestation and energy clearing, this is enhanced. Below is which crystal will amplify the manifestation of each type for 2023.


Crystal: Pink Tourmaline

Projectors, this year is about opening and trusting that you will be invited to the perfect opportunities. Growth, prosperity and attracting what you desire gets to be easy, simply focus on what you want to create and place yourself to be invited.

With a penetrating and absorbing aura you have a powerful ability to guide others to realise their potential. As a Projectors though, it can find it hard to feel at ease in getting what you desire, for some reason it tends to backfire on you, creating feelings of bitterness that contracts the heart space.

Remember you can see into the hearts of others and into their core, this is powerful and highly valued when you are invited. To be received let go of feeling like you must help everyone simply because you can see the issue.

Pink Tourmaline, is the gift of love and kindness, it connects with the endocrine system and dissolves the hurts of the heart. This softens and opens the heart to feel the unconditional love that the universe has for us. And guides a Projector to soften, release the needless pressure to be like other Types and embrace who you are.

Sit with your Pink Tourmaline and affirm: I recognise my innate gifts and trust that the perfect invitations will come to me.

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Crystal: Sunstone

Generators, 2023 is going to show you that by doing what lights you up and feels amazing, can be abundant as well.

With naturally warm and welcoming auras, Generators are the golden retrievers of Human Design, and when clear, you find that you attract exactly what you want to have in an incredible life.

This beautiful aura though, can be taken advantage of by the pressures of society and you can feel caught in a trap of busy doing, often prolonged by motor centers.

Remember, you can respond powerfully to needs that others cannot, listen to your heart and notice what you continue to return to, this will lead you to creating aligned responses everywhere in life.

Sunstone amplifies the radiance and life force within a Generator, filling you with the knowledge of your full eternal worth and lift their moods to center you into the energy of open warmness and being to feel satisfaction in all that you do.

Sit with your Sunstone and affirm: I trust my heart to guide me to respond to the joys of life, knowing that my radiance is enough to claim my abundance

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Manifesting Generator

Crystal: Aquamarine

This year as a Manifesting Generator you will come into your own sense of clarity, this is the year that you releasing any pressure of having to do something simply because you have the energy to. As a Manifesting Generator you have an aura that can both repel and welcome, when clear you can dance between the two in perfect intention that gives you the ability to instantly manifest you desires.

When not clear, it often means that you are caught in the need to do everything or not knowing how to harness your energy to create a clear path of all the things that you love to do. This will mean your anger and frustration can cause disastrous affects that fire at those around you.

Remember, you can manifest with ease, and have the incredible ability to both imitate an idea and do intentional action that leads to it becoming in the material world. Allowing yourself to follow the spark of your heart will dissolve the “have” to’s of doing around you and create complete clarity that attracts.

Aquamarine aids in bringing powerful simplification as Manifesting Generators seek your inner truth to communicate and create in the world. This carves an effortless channel through the body and soul, lighting the path of least resistance and bypassing the pressures of others.

Sit with your Aquamarine and affirm: I am a powerful being with the courage to act on my desires, I trust my truth and feel it will clarity.

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Crystal: Citrine

Manifestors, this year is about embracing your repelling aura and taking ownership of your full self as an initiator. It can be uncomfortable always being the person that makes heads turn as you enter a room, you simply shake things up, even if you don’t intend to.

The world, would get nowhere without you. Mastering your aura, is simply mastering your ability to inform. Manifestors, can actualize their desires at a lighting pace, when they are clear of the anger that can plague their not self. Trust that you can move at your own speed and that others can move at theirs, you don’t need to wait for them to catch up.

Remember, people want to listen to the wisdom that you have, they just need a little heads up before you get straight to the point.

Citrine is here to help deliver that abundance, taking ownership of your aura and self, means feeling confident in self and trusting that you are deserving of all that you desire. This is amplified by the citrine.

Sit with your Citrine and affirm: I am enough, with every passing minute I remember the incredible power and love that I already possess inside me.

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Crystal: Moldavite

2023 is an incredible year for Reflectors, and it invites you to trust that you move in different time to others, and are welcome to leave the room if you are not feeling it.

A happy Reflector is a telling sign of a nurturing environment, they are here to simply reflect back the feeling and state of others. This is a gorgeous ability to have, it can of course make it hard to know what is yours and what isn’t, and can feel like you’re on another persons roller coaster ride.

Remember you can take all the time that you require to make a decision and become clear. There is never a need to be or do anything that doesn’t align. Trust that you will come back to those that light you up and be guided to your purpose and passion area. Without even realizing it, everything you desire will be in front of you.

Moldavite is here to amplify your inner starchild, to help your inner free will, feeling of home in self, and safety in connection, communication and change emerge. Move with the flow of your inner reflections of the world and trust that if you feel anger, frustration or negativity you can simply move on.

Sit with your Moldavite and affirm: I am a power mirror and trust that even as I reflect I know the gold of myself behind that reflection. I can move and create with the abundance of the universe in my own time. 

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January 19, 2023 — Tegan Mel
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