PHEW!!! Have you felt the shifts of the Lunar New Year recently? 

Over the last week there have been some incredible changes moving through and we are so excited for what is to come. With the year of the Rabbit we welcome a deep letting go of the old and welcome space for new beginnings, prosperity, and manifestation.

Our Soul Quartz family has been having an incredible few weeks of shedding in preparation for the abundance we desire in each of our lives and everyone around us! 

In our homes, our wardrobes, our computers, our networks have all experienced a deep cleanse and how wonderful it feels!! 

Here are 4 ways you can let go with us! 

  1. Dedicate some time to write down what you want, truly, deeply want and desire, let yourself go all out!! Another way to do this is to write a list of what you DON'T WANT anymore and never again and then next to each of the Don't Wants, write the opposite and this will be what you want! TEAM TIP: We find igniting our sense of smell is calming and grounds us into the body as we do this. Check out our Crystal Candles Here. 
  2. Do a Wardrobe Detox. We literally have skeletons of our old self in our wardrobes! Ekkkk! Spend some time and go through everything you have! You will feel a 1000% times better after and chances are some other people will love what you no longer want. Did you know that your style is in your Human Design? It takes out all the overwhelm as you move into a new year and you! Book a Session in store or online here. 
  3. Connect with your community! Letting go is so much more fun and easier when you have incredible people doing it with you! Join our 5 Day Letting Go Challenge Here. (Challenge is live 5th to 10th February)  Are you a local? Celebrate letting go even more with our New Moon and Full Moon Circles in store. 
  4. Dance it out! Show your whole being that letting go and change is a joyful experience and it will become easier and easier! Dance also helps move energy through the body for a full letting go and any energy. Have something that feels blocked? Book in with one of our amazing Energy Healers Here

It can feel scary sometimes letting go of things… but doesn’t it feel soooo good when you do? We know it does! And we believe that moving through that little discomfort is what shows the universe what you really want! You deserve exactly that!! Xx 

The Team at Soul Quartz is here to help, we have an incredible team of talented energy workers, readers, coaches and hypnosis practitioners. And of course, stunning and powerful crystal jewellery to support you inside and out. Shop our range here.
February 02, 2023 — Tegan Mel
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