Tips to selecting your crystal jewellery


Here are our tips to help you confidently select your next piece of Soul Quartz jewellery. 

Our jewellery will live life with you and will stay gold! Perfect for anyone who likes to leave their jewellery on (yes even in the shower).


Choosing the stone:

We love intuitively connecting with the stones and choosing the one that stands out to you initially. This applies when you are choosing for yourself or as a gift. We suggest scrolling through the collection. Stop when one grabs your attention and then read about it. 

Our necklace stones are approximately 1-2cm long and our rings and earring lengths are generally about .5cm-1cm long. 

All stones have their own unique character which is what makes them so special! No two pieces will be the same!


Choosing the metal:

Do you wear more silver or gold?

Our beautiful hand wrapped stones are lovingly created with finishing that are a step down from fine jewellery and a step up from plated. 

We use 14k gold fill which will stay gold for years as long as it is cared for correctly. 20 microns thicker gold than regular plated jewellery that rubs off. 

Our sterling silver is solid 925.



All our rings are adjustable from the top to avoid the under finger pinch and suits almost all female ring sizes. 

You can give our beautiful gifts confidently without hunting down a ring size.

Handcrafted with solid sterling silver, these are rings you can live in!


Necklace Chain Length:

Our chains are made out of either solid sterling silver or 14k gold fill in either rose gold or yellow gold. This means they will last over time and stay gold!

Our most popular chain length is 45cm, so we suggest choosing that length when selecting a gift. 

If you require a specific Chain length please send us a message and we will be more than happy to order one in for you.