Plant Dyed Garments

Plant Dyeing is a lost art. These colours come directly from nature and no harmful, synthetic chemicals are used. All waste is organic and can be composted.

Because of the unique and natural process of plant dyeing, a few extra steps are needed to keep the beautiful colours in your garments.

Plant Dyed garments must be gently hand-washed in cold water. Make sure to use a natural, delicate soap. Do not put the garment in direct contact with the soap or powder, it's better to make the water soapy. Do not use Soap Berries, as a natural active ingredient may cause the natural dye to run. 

Place the garment into the water and give it a gentle swirl wash.  Drain the water into a nearby plant and refill with clean, cold water. Rinse your garment by swishing it around a few more times, and then gently press it to remove excess water. Try not to wring or twist, as this can distort its shape and cause extra stress on our plant-based dye.  Finally, reshape the garment, and lay it flat on a drying rack or on a fresh towel to air dry.

Try to avoid strong chemicals such as bleach and citrus juice.

Please try to avoid direct sunlight as the natural dyes tend to fade when left alone the sun for long periods of time.

Steaming/ironing can be done on a low setting, just take extra care. 


Other Garments
For other items such as bathers and leggings, a normal cold wash is fine. Please think about utilising a full load and using your grey water wisely and plant-based detergents are best. Air dry flat or hang out to dry.


Thank you for taking the time to read our returns and care policies, we hope you enjoy your new Soul Quartz treasures.