Our jewellery story

Soul Quartz the jewellery label

Began with a dream and desire to create beautiful and elegant bohemian jewellery intwined with healing intentions.


Founder, designer and CEO, Tegan Mel, brought Soul Quartz to life back in 2015, combining her love of raw and natural crystals with high quality metals to

create dainty, wearable raw crystal jewellery. Solid sterling silver or 14k gold fill are incorporated into the jewellery with even the metals having a purpose with

intentional healing properties.


"Wearing a piece of jewellery that has been handmade with intention is powerful. You are able to tap into to the true healing nature of the crystal and deeply connect

to the spirit of the earth" - Tegan

Tegan always shares her passion about how important connecting with the crystals are and how our jewellery is more then just wearing a necklace or pair of earrings.


"Crystals are more then just beautiful rocks, they are healing stones that connect with us and help us journey on our life path. I have so much love and gratitude for

the stones I work with. Each one comes with a sacred frequency ready to connect with the right person."


Tegan and her team lovingly design and hand make the dainty crystal jewellery from the Soul Quartz Boutique in Noosa, Queensland.

Each piece is made with the intention that it will always find it's right home and connect to the right person. All the crystals have been intuitively hand selected before

being made into jewellery. This can be a lengthy process but is important to ensure each crystal is clear and energetically fits with the jewellery and crowns.


You will find many rare and unique stones in our creations including sacred Lemurian seed quartz, Shungite, Larimar, Emerald, Chrysocolla, true Aqua Aura amongst

other rare and sacred stones.


As you connect with your piece of Soul Quartz jewellery, you are invited to set your own loving intentions into the piece and make it your own. There is a

profound power of going within and deeply knowing and trusting your truth through the space of silence, this is why it is so important to take a few minutes to connect

with your jewellery alone and make them yours.Through connecting with your heart you will be able to trust in your own intuitive abilities and find a connection with

your crystal jewellery which is more then just for looks; it becomes a healing talisman. 


Our creations are available online.

Thank you for connecting with us and we hope you love your crystals as much as we do.


A bit more about our founder Tegan:

Tegan founded Soul Quartz in 2015 and has built it from a brand beginning at local markets to a thriving online and Bricks and Mortar Noosa boutique supporting over

30 independent local brands.


Alongside founding and running Soul Quartz, Tegan is a mindset and product based business impact and scaling coach. She is a master NLP coach and Hypnosis practitioner who has supported hundreds of people transform their lives with coaching. 


Tegan also has a background in yoga teaching, energetic and crystal healing. She has studied a diploma in energetic healing, 600+ hours of yoga teacher training,

completed Reiki levels 1 and 2 as well as being an Advanced Liquid Crystal practitioner. 

Tegan is passionate about the wellness of ourselves and the planet, she is inspired by clean eating, sustainable living and finding ways to cut down our footprints on the


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