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NEW in 2024!

Spoil your pets with a beautiful collar charm. Made in 925 sterling silver  or 14k Gold filled. Totally waterproof. 

"Radiant Elegance for Your Furry Friend - Crystal Charms that Sparkle with Love!"

Collar charms for pets are a delightful way for pet owners to add a touch of personality and style to their furry friends.

We know the benefits of crystal healing for ourselves, but did you know this also works for our animals. With these beautiful crystal charms your pet will get the stylish look and the benefits of healing, that crystals provide. 

As someone who works with rescue animals, I know the benefits of spoiling the precious fur babies we know have had a bad start to life. I personally use crystals around the rescue kittens when they come into care. If I have sick or injured animals I will place crystals with them in their beds.  It doesn't stop there, all animals deserve to be treated with respect and be spoilt, loved and it doesn't hurt to have the healing properties to go with the bling.....

You can chose the stone, and the material its made of. Just hang them from your pets link on their collar and they are light enough to not bother the animal. 

100% handmade and chosen specifically for your pet, right here on the Fraser Coast.