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Rose Quartz Earrings

Get ready to welcome an abundance of self-love with our beautiful rose quartz earrings. From our Selene hoops to Carnelian drop earrings and studs, you’ll be ready to step out and make a statement in true boho style.

With a variety of styles featuring our raw crystals, there’s something to suit each and every occasion and add an instant touch of glam. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out, or adding a bit of sparkle to your everyday outfit, you’ll be bound to turn heads.

By wearing a pair of our gorgeous clear or rose quartz earrings, you’ll bring positive vibes and energy your way, as a beautiful reminder of how loved you really are! Set your intention for the day and adorn yourself with our stunning designs.

Stylish Rose Quartz Earrings for a Beautiful Gift

Our jewellery makes a thoughtful, meaningful gift for the ones you love, or as a gift to treat yourself. We carefully curate our range at Soul Quartz – lovingly handcrafting our designs in our Gold Coast studio to ensure they are entirely unique and special.

Each crystal is generally about .5cm-1cm long, and bestows our jewellery with unique healing properties to raise your inner vibration:

  • Rose Quartz earrings are the perfect way to nourish yourself with self-love and bring inner peace into your life.
  • Clear Quartz earrings promote clarity, goal setting and manifestation. These are ideal for amplifying your intentions and empowering yourself with a clear direction. (Tip: Our Magic of I journals are perfect for setting goals!)
  • Carnelian drop earrings provide passion and courage to try new things. They’re perfect to wear on a date, as they’re ideal for inviting new love or requiting a burning flame.
  • Citrine Jewellery provides motivation and passion when you’re feeling uninspired, spurring you on to experience new levels of abundance. Browse our collection of Citrine jewellery today.

Our gorgeous stones are then lovingly hand-wrapped with either 14k gold fill or sterling silver for that final finishing touch. The wire we use is specifically designed to retain its colour for years to come, so it won’t lose its lustre.

Our Carnelian Hoops and Drop Earrings

Our beautiful Selene Carnelian hoop earrings are named after the goddess of the moon, providing us with deep knowing and emotional wisdom

When seen from different angles, the hoops remind us of the moon during her various cycles in the night sky – whether it’s the full or crescent moon. The hand-hammered texture on the hoop also catches the light and adds elegance.

Glam Up with Our Rose Quartz Earrings

We love designing stylish, intentional pieces for you to wear – whether it’s our healing jewellery crystals or our stunning collection of rose quartz earrings and dainty necklaces.  You deserve the very best – and we believe in treating yourself with something special!

Here at Soul Quartz, it’s our mission to encourage self-love and nourishment with our range of crystals and soul-led products. We also believe in supporting ethical female-led brands, lifting up our beautiful soul-inspired community!

Enjoy 10% off on your first order when you join our VIP community. To find out more, reach out and contact us by email or call 0492 887 736. You can also shop in-store at our Luxe Crystal Boutique at 17/50 James St, Burleigh on the Gold Coast.