Rose Quartz Dainty Necklace // Yellow Gold fill 14k

$99.00 AUD

Rose Quartz Manifestation necklace for Self love in Yellow gold

 Ready to call in more love, nourishment and connection? This is the necklace to wear when manifesting self love. 


Our Rose Quartz waterproof manifestation necklace is a luxe and dainty way to wear your intentions. Designed so you can leave it on all day, everyday while you are manifesting. This is the necklace you can leave on and trust it will stay gold! 

Each necklace is lovingly handmade in our Fraser Coast studio and all crystals are individually hand selected using intention and intuition.

We only use raw, natural stones. Wrapped in 14k gold fill, you can comfortably wear these daily. The chains are delicate and wont tarnish when wet with more longevity than plated jewellery. 

The beauty of natural raw crystals is that they are all unique. Your necklace  will have its own personality and may vary slightly to the ones shown. 

Generally the stones are approximately between 1-2cm long with a 1cm bail.

- Properties of  Rose Quartz -

Self love // Kindness // Sharing  // Trust // Loving // forgiveness  //
Unconditional love //  inner peace
Heart chakra 



14k Gold Filled wire:

We love gold filled wire as it has the goodness and energetic properties of solid gold but without the price tag. Perfect for people with sensitivities who need (or want ) to wear gold. If you look after your gold filled jewellery it will stay beautiful for many years. We choose gold filled over plated as plating can be quite thin and wears off fairly quickly when worn lovingly. Gold filled wire is filled with sterling silver so it won't just rub off. 

Jewellery Care

We suggest taking it off in the waves due to the delicate nature of your jewellery. Crystals can chip if dropped so treat your necklace with love. The wire holds your necklace in place, so avoid adjusting the setting.


Enjoy manifesting more love and connection in your life


Our jewellery is handmade / designed in our Gold Coast studio located in our Flagship store in Burleigh Heads. We hand select all the crystals with intention and intuition. We also offer bespoke and personalised shopping.

Crystal Care

Our jewellery is made using 14k gold fill or sterling silver so they are waterproof. We do, however, recommend taking it off in the surf or in chlorine to protect the stones. Raw stones are fragile, avoid dropping on hard surfaces. Avoid re-twisting or pulling the wire as this could damage the casing.


Your jewellry comes gift ready!

In a branded box with pink tissue paper, a crystal intention card + little love note from us.

PS... If you are gifting this piece to a friend please comment upon check out with your message, and we will happily put a special note to go to into the package from you + be sure the prices are removed.

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