This year we invite you to soak in a deep love of self. Valentine's Day is a day devoted to love, a day where you have immense permission to simply be in what lights you up and opens you to feeling the divine energy that is love. 

We put our hearts together and felt into different ways to celebrate the love that we have for ourselves this year! 

Below are our top 6 heart filled ideas to care for everything that we are on Valentines Day and everyday: 

  1. Treat yourself to an at home spa day. Imagine, you are in the gorgeous privacy of your own home, you lovingly fill your space with flowers and a candle, the scent is divine, your bath is filled with incredible salts and petals that nurture from the inside out, your favourite music plays softly, you feel divine. Gift yourself Bath Salts for an at Home Spa Day. 
  2. Step into nature. Spending time in nature revitalises your connection with the divine Mother. Feel the vibrations move through you and the trees as you move through the paths of your choosing. Use the time to focus on yourself and your own needs, create new intentions with the world around you. 
  3. Write a love letter to yourself. Reflect on all the things you love about yourself and all the things you're proud of. There will likely be many! TIP from the Soul Quartz Team: As you write, wear your crystal of choice on you and amplify the love that you share with self. Shop for your very own Crystal Jewellery Here. 
  4. Make a self-care routine, give yourself full permission to continue falling in love with yourself! Create small changes to manifest your goals and greater love in your life. Perfectly and easily done with a Magic Of I Planner. 
  5. Connect with friends. Spend time with people who love and support you, and share your love for them with deep gratitude! TIP from the Soul Quartz Team: Hold your crystal of choice and feel into your close network, whoever comes to mind - write them a message or send them a voice note or call them! A little note may seem small however it does wonders for love of self and others! You can connect with incredible women at our Circles here. 
  6. Treat Yourself with a Deeper Connection with a Human Design Reading. Greater knowledge of how you uniquely make decisions is a gift that empowers you to choose in alignment everyday. Gift yourself an individual reading Or be treated alongside your partner (Bestie, Sibling, Boyfriend or Girlfriend) a Duo Reading this week as we all celebrate Valentine’s Day. 


Remember, self-love is a practice. There is no “right” or “wrong” to doing it - whatever works for you is perfect. Even if it doesn’t always feel easy. Trust us, over time you will feel more and more incredible. Our team at Soul Quartz is always here to help you shift anything and create clarity in your life so you can feel deeply and madly in love with yourself again and again! Book you Human Design Reading, Reiki and Energy Clearing, Manifestation Session, Hypnosis, Mindset Coaching here xx 

Have an amazing Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2023 — Tegan Mel