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Yellow Calcite Loose Raw Crystal


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Yellow Calcite!! Want your own little ray of sunshine in your pocket?! Yellow Calcite is the ultimate mood lifter. Its properties raise your positve vibes and enhance personal luck, positivity, propperity, manifestation and even enhances family dynamics. These pieces are the perfect size to carry around with you every day in your purse, bag, car or even down your bra! Each pice is approx. 2cm x 2cm and comes to you with a crystal meaning card for reference. As each crystal is chosen for you intuitivley, you stone may differ from the picture. So what are you wanitng for?! Get ready for Yellow Calcite to turn that frown uopside down and boost your everyday vitality... Yes please!


*Please note you will receive x1 crystal. If you require more, please up the QTY at time of purchase - Enjoy!