Wateress Ring


Brand Wilder


Goddess of the Water Element & symbol of self-healing

Gifted in the Healing Arts. 

Desires to build meaningful relationships and live a creative life

Embodies themes of emotional intelligence, healing, love, creativity, imagination, depth and mystery

Avian Familiar: The Kingfisher




  1. AS A POWER GUIDE (honouring parts of you that you have mastered)


Wear this symbol as an honorary token of your naturally water-dominant disposition. If you feel ready to step up into your fullest Wateress potential and use your gift to help guide others from this lense - work with this talisman daily to remind you of your essence, mission and desires in life.


  1. AS A SHADOW GUIDE (revealing parts of you un-actualised)

Wear this symbol as a reminder of the element of your life in which you feel you need to better understand and integrate into your whole being. If you have felt a lack of emotional depth, release, connection to your emotional body or have been feeling disconnected from people you love (including yourself) this is also a great archetype to work with.


.925 Sterling silver

Designed by Sarah Wilder in QLD Australia, crafted in Bali, Indonesia

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