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The Crystal Intention Pack Bundle


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Want all the magic?! Need all the magic?! It's ALL yours when you choose our bundle of our 5 high vibing, potent Crystal Intention packs!!! The full bundle contains:

1 x Spring Clearing Crystal Intention pack

1 x Boss Babe Crystal Intention pack

1 x Manifesting Queen Crystal Intention pack

1 x Limitless Joy Crystal Intention pack

1 x Love Your Self Crystal Intention pack


Keep them all for yourself or gift them to friends. Try a Crystal Reading - pop all your magical crystals in one pouch and pull one out for a personal intuitive message. How ever you chose to keep and use your crystals, there is no doubt your day to day life is about to get a whole lot more magical!! 

All crystals with be intuitivley chose for you so they may not be exactly as pictured.