Tangerine Quartz adjustable ring


Fully adjustable Tangerine Quartz ring.
Ideal for sizes 5 - 9. 
Handmade using solid sterling silver. 
Looks stunning paired with other silver rings.
Can be worn as an everyday staple piece to add to your bohemian wardrobe. 
Stone runs up and down finger to help with energy flow along meridian lines. 


- Properties of Tangerine Quartz-

Creativity  // Nurturing  // Strengthen self worth //
// helps calm emotions and enhance inner strength, which can assist in over coming fear or past fears and traumas // Finding your passion // Tantric //
Helps with healing past wounds in relations with others 
Sacral chakra
Please note each ring is unique and may vary slightly from the image. Exact one will be selected intuitively.