Spring Clearing | Crystal Intention Pack


It's time to feel fresh!  Out with the old vibes and in with the new!

Everything you need to cleanse, rejuvinate and freshen up your physical and energetic space is here in this potent bundle.


Our Spring Clearing Crystal Intention pack contains:

1 x Palo Santo stick - light and burn as the smoke gently cleanses your environment

1 x piece of Selenite - Spiritual Guidence & cleansing 

1 x piece of raw black tourmaline - Protection 

1 x piece of raw amethyst - Calmness & Security

1 x piece of clear quartz natural point - Aplification, clarity & alignment

And a handful of amethyst and clear quartz crystal chips.


Your little treasures come in a beautiful eco pouch and a card to remind you of each crystals properties. 

Your palo santo and crystals will be chosen intuitvley for you so may not be exactly as pictured. 

The stones are mostly polished or tumbled so you can easily carry in your pocket or bra. 


*Always burn palo santo responsibiy and don't leave unattended while alight