Smoky Quartz Cluster


Get grounded with our Smoky Quartz cluster.


Place around the home to bring a gentle and stablising energy to your space. Great for feeling more present and inviting in gratitude.

Perfect to have around during meditation or gratitude journaling

Clusters send energy to multiple directions in a more gentle way then a generator point. 


- Properties of Smoky Quartz -

Self acceptance  // Grounding // Letting go of the past // joy for life 
// present moment // Peaceful // Positive // find spiritual in the mundane 
// Calm sleep // gratitude
Any chakra
Sizes approx: 
M: 7cm wide / 6cm long and 3cm tall
L: 9cm wide / 6cm long and 3cm tall

* All crystals have their own personality. Please see our care instructions on how to look after your crystals. Avoid leaving your crystals out in the sun and avoid dropping them. Do energetically cleanse them and care for them with love. 


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