Smoky Quartz Loose Raw Crystal


Smoky Quartz! Ready for amplified positivity and life changes? Smoky Quartz may look unassuming but these small rough-cut points are packed with the power to enhance peace, calm and self acceptance as well as remove radiation from your environment. These pieces are the perfect size to carry around with you every day in your purse, bag, car or even your bra! Your crystal will be intuitvley chosen for you so may differ from the picture. They all measure approx. 4cm x 1.5cm and will come to you with a crystal meaning card for reference. What are you waiting for?! Smoky Quartz is ready to make you feel grateful for life! 

These pieces are raw AF so some still have white on them from growing in the earth! They are excellent for creating crystal grids, so collect a few and get manifesting!


*Please note you will receive x1 crystal. If you require more, please up the QTY at time of purchase - Enjoy!