Smoky Quartz Point ring - adjustable


Fully adjustable Smoky Quartz ring.
Ideal for sizes 5 - 9. 
Handmade using solid sterling silver. 
Looks stunning paired with other silver rings.
Can be worn as an everyday staple piece to add to your bohemian wardrobe. 
Stone runs up and down finger to help with energy flow along meridian lines. 


- Properties of Smoky Quartz-

Self Acceptance  // Grounding // helps with life changes //
// finding the light in the darkness // helps remove excess radiation from body
// Peaceful // Calming // Surrender // Release // Fully expressing emotion // Grounding your light // Finding the joy and excitement in change // 
Finding gratitude in life - even in what seems to be dark moments. 
Base chakra
Please note each ring is unique and has their own personality.