Sacred Moon plate


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Sacred Moon Plate

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Our Sacred Moon plate will take your crystal meditation and intention setting to the next level!

Use for crystal grids, card readings, fill with treasures or use as a special plate to dine off. 




1x Sacred Moon Plate

4x Mini Clear Quartz gridding points


Inspired by the phases of the moon and the influence the moon has on our emotional body.

With this in mind, the Sacred Moon Plates will be powerful tools to use during the Full and New moon for intention setting ceremonies, crystal grids and card readings. You may also with to use during major transits and Eclipse season!

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Clear Quartz

Clarity, Goal Setting, Amplification of ideas, Manifestation


How to create an intention moon grid:

 ~ find a quiet space

~ Place your plate and crystals somewhere you will leave the plate while the grid stays active.

~ close your eyes and set an intention for your grid, take a deep breath and feel the intention wash over you.

~ place your crystals on the plate with the intention in mind.

Use your intuition when placing your crystals.

Points directed in will call the energy in and points facing out will send the energy out.

~ Place a generatior crystal point or raw stone in the centre of the plate to amplify your intention

~ Write your intention and slide under the plate.

~ Sit in front for a meditation

Trust in impermanence and keep the energy flowing by removing the crystals when you feel the time is right.

This may be immediately, in a few hours, or couple of days ... whatever feels right. Discard the paper with your intention. 

~ send gratitude to your plate and crystals.



Plate is approx 26cm diameter

Each piece is unique as they are all hand created. Size and colour may vary slightly.



Slow made with love by Carys Martin Ceramics in Redlands Coast, Brisbane for Soul Quartz 

Each piece is uniquely handcarved and made with loving intention and stamped with Soul Quartz and Carys Martin. 

Keep your piece vibrant and avoid dishwashers and microwaves.

Any piece with 12 crt gold is not suitable for microwave.


** Includes one rose earth incense holder only. Other items not included and a display only***

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