Monster Banishing mist


Monster Banishing mist

Courage - Confidence - Protection - Shielding - Grounding - Nurturing - Calm - Overcome Fear of Darkness - Self Worth

This Monster Banishing Mist is AMAZING, POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL - for children of ALL AGES.

These are made to order, which means they are programmed to YOUR ENERGY

A blend of Liquid Crystals, Hawaiian Essences, and Essential Oil.

Moldavite - As Moldavite works it's magic, the Star Child discovers the joys of freewill and a passion for a better world. Under Moldavite's guidance, take new, brave, and original paths, breaking out of your shell and deliver your abundant gifts to the world.

Black Tourmaline - The most powerful form of protection available from the mineral kingdom. Black Tourmaline teaches confidence and protection of self on all levels, while shielding from heavy or dense energies. Black Tourmaline cuts attachments and activates a powerful sense of security and personal power.

Red Jasper - A gift from the Earth, Red Jasper takes you deep within her stabilizing, gentle and warm body and surrounds you in her nurturing embrace. Red Jasper is also protective, grounding and anchoring of your astral body during the dream state.

Monkeypod Tree - Cultivates healthy male nurturing energy which shelters you from outside influences that could confuse or distract you from living authentically and with purpose. Shelters you in a big, safe canopy of protective care while you discover who you are and why you’re here.

Night Blooming Cereus - Helps you overcome the fear of inner and outer darkness to contact the stunning beauty of your essence in its galactic, earthy and shadowy entirety. Shatters the trance of unworthiness and imperfection to allow you to live in kindness and self-appreciation.

Buddha Wood - Buddha Wood is commonly used for meditation, as the oil is calming, grounding, and creates a layer of protection around the auric field.