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Moldavite Stella Necklace - Sterling silver


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Limited edition Moldavite Stella necklace!


From the stars, straight to your heart, these are pieces you will treasure forever! Only found in the Czech Republic, these stones are galactic tailsmens that help transform and transmute you into your full potential.


Our dainty necklaces are for the crystal lovers who love dainty jewellery and want to elegantly wear their stones every day.

This intergalactic treasure is set simply so it looks amazing dressed up or just with jeans and a tee. 


Made in sterling silver and strung on a 45cm dainty silver chain. 


 *** Individual pendants are A,B,C,D -From Left to Right- in picture*** 

Generally the stones are approximately between 1-2cm long with a 1cm bail.

- Properties of  Moldavite  -

Brave new paths    // galactic connection   // comfort   //  freewill   // 11:11 // healing // spiritual growth // 
helps uncover your life’s purpose and unique gifts // changes //  clarity
Any chakra but excellent for heart and third eye chakras




Crystal Care

Head to our "about" section for information on crystal care. We are passionate about taking care of the crystals so each piece is carefully smudged prior to postage. 

Your necklace comes in an eco friendly hand stamped calico pouch, perfect for storage and gift giving; along with a crystal meaning note and care card. If you are gifting this piece to a friend please comment upon check out with your message, and we will happily put a special note to go to into the package from you.

Crystal information thanks to The Liquid Crystals.