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Moldavite necklace - OPTION 1 - your choice of gold or silver


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The rare and divine Moldavite is BACK! 

This is a design your own Moldavite necklace where you can choose to set it intentionally for you in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold (both 14k Gold fill so you can LIVE in it and it will stay gold)

OR if you are a silver girl, choose the lush Sterling Silver. 


***You will get the exact Moldavite in the picture. This one is circular, thin and just over 2cm long and almost 2cm wide. It will be set specially for you. If you want to set any intentions leave them in the comments for while it is smudged. ***


Do you love leaving your jewellery on?

Connecting intentionally with your crystals?

Having a unique piece that is super special and you can dress up or wear every day?


Our pieces are handmade here in QLD and made to last! YES you can shower in them. You can sleep in them (however ask yourself if you want galactic travels before sleeping in your moldavite). 



Our Moldavite is sourced from the Czech Republic and is very high grade. These pieces are substantial and will be something to treasure forever! 

Your necklace will be unique and remember to set intentions and you manifest from the quantum and the galaxy. 

Your necklace will come with a matching 45cm dainty chain. Perfect length to stack with other jewellery . 

- Properties of  Moldavite  -

Brave new paths    // galactic connection   // confort   //  freewill   // 11:11 // healing // spiritual growth // 
helps uncover your life’s purpose and unique gifts // changes //  clarity
Any chakra but excellent for heart and third eye chakras



What is 14k Gold Filled wire?

We love gold filled wire as it has the goodness and energetic properties of solid gold but without the price tag. Perfect for people with sensitivities who need (or want ) to wear gold. If you look after your gold filled jewellery it will stay beautiful for many years. We choose gold filled over plated as plating can be quite thin and wears off fairly quickly when worn lovingly. Gold filled wire is filled with sterling silver so it won't just rub off. 

How do I care for my crystal?

Head to our "about" section for information on crystal care. We are passionate about taking care of the crystals so each piece is carefully smudged prior to postage. You can wear our pieces in the shower. Remember that chemicals can dull the colour of the gold or silver, so avoid chlorine for this reason. 


How will it come presented? I love unboxing / I want to give as a gift!
Your necklace comes in an eco friendly calico pouch, perfect for storage and gift giving.  If you are gifting this piece to a friend please comment upon check out with your message, and we will happily put a special note to go to into the package from you.

Hand crafted with love in Queensland Australia.

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