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Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle Meraki


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Meraki Crystal Water Bottles.

Ethically sourced high quality quartz stones from small mining communities.

Bottles designed in Melbourne. Easy to wash. Choose between Bamboo and Steel.

Rose Quartz The Love Magnet

Rose Quartz Crystal, the stone of unconditional love. This beautiful crystal facilitates love entering your life through it’s ability to bring your consciousness to a higher level. Your Rose quartz elixir will help you to forgive and understand things from different perspective.

Your Rose Quartz crystal water bottle will open up your heart to self love and self acceptance. It will aid with inner healing, finding peace and tranquility and you will be able to let go of negativity that you have been holding onto.

Please Note - Our crystals are all natural, each stone will vary in shape, size and colour. No crystal is ever the same.

Bottle volume is 550ml Stainless steel cap and Base or Bamboo Cap and Base

Glass bottle is dishwasher safe, all other components are best hand washed using mild dish soap. 

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