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Manifesting Queen | Crystal Intention Pack


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Hey there Manifesting Queen, you are so magnetic!

Are you ready to tap into your potential to create the life of your dreams?

Our Manifesting Queen Crystal bag is powered up with our ultimate manifesting stones to amplify all your goals and dreams, magnitising them into your reality. 


This Crystal Intention pack contains: 

1 x Citrine raw stone- Abundance 

1 x Carnelian tumble - Passion

1 x Pyrite tumble - Igniting that spark

1 x Clear Quartz natural point- Setting clear goals (the universe LOVES clarity)

1 x Yellow Calcite raw stone - Motivation & Drive

And a handful of mixed citrine, moonstone and carnelian crystal chips 


Your magical little treasures come in a beautiful eco pouch and a card to remind you of each crystals properties. 

Your crystals will be intuitvley chosen for you so may not be exactly as pictured. 

The stones are mostly polished or tumbled so you can easily carry in your pocket or bra.