Love Yourself | Crystal Intention Pack



A reminder of how loved you are! 

You live with you for your whole life so remember to fill up your cup so you can give to others from the overflow. An empty cup is not able to give any water, so fill yourself up and remember you are worth it!

Our Love Yourself Crystal Intention Pack contains:

1 x Amethyst raw - Calmness & Relaxation

1 x Rose Quartz raw - Self Love & Forgivness

1 x Tangerine Quartz natural point - Inner Strength & Passion

1 x Carnelian tumble  - Bold energy

1 x Clear Quartz natural point Alignment & Clarity

And a handful of amethyst and moonstone crystal chips. 


Your love inducing little treasures come in a beautiful eco pouch and a card to remind you of each crystals properties. 

Your crystals will be chosen intuitvley so may not be exactly as pictured. 

The stones are mostly polished or tumbled so you can easily carry in your pocket or bra.