Lapis Lazuli Generator point


Draw in clarity and light into your space with our Lapis Lazuli generator; a great stone for self expression and speaking your truth.


Place in an intuitively selected space around the home where you would like to invite in empowering energy. 


You will receive:

1x intuitively chosen Lapis Lazuli Generator Point. 




- Properties of  Lapis Lazuli   -

Empowered expression // Realisation // Sharing your wisdom // Voice 
// Speaking your truth // Ancient Egypt // Integrity
Throat chakra



Crystal Care

Head to our "about" section for information on crystal care. We recommend giving your crystals a smudge with sage, palo santo or a space clearing mist regulary (depending on how often you are using it). Doing this helps release any energy that your crystal has absorbed, almost like emptying a rubbish bin!

We are passionate about taking care of the crystals so each piece is carefully smudged prior to postage. 

Your piece will come wrapped in eco friendly wrapping (sometimes some recycled materials too for extra padding).

You will also recieve a crystal information card to help you reflect on its special intentions.  

Each point is unique and will have its own personality.