Labradorite stella ring // Sterling silver


Stella ring in Labradorite.

Elegant, adjustable crystal rings to remind you how loved and connected you are.


Our dainty Soul Quartz jewellery is more than luxe jewellery,

they are beautiful intentional manifestation jewels.


A reminder and aplification of your intentions, amplifying your goals and dream life;

remembering how incredible you are.


Labradorite is the ultimate magic and manifestation stone. This is for you if you are ready to transform and create sparks of your life.


"I weave and manifest magic in my world"



Fully adjustable 

Ideal for sizes 5 - 9.

Each ring is designed with intention using solid sterling silver 925.


The ring adjusts from the top which you shape around your finger.

Comfortable setting allows you to run your hands through your hair and

avoids pinching the bottom of your finger.  


Adjustable rings are great for hot days when your finger may expand

or cool days when your fingers shrink down. 



Looks stunning stacked with other stella rings, or on her own as a statement piece.

Can be worn as an everyday staple piece to add to your bohemian wardrobe. 


Each stone in our crystal jewellery collection offers unique healing properties to enrich your soul with inner clarity.



We use natural stones so each stone will have her own personality and may look differernt to the image. Your ring will be unique, we intuitively select the one for you. 


Each ring is unique in its size and shape.

Sizing approx 1-2cm long

How to choose?

Feel into and listen to your intuition to choose the stone that speaks to you, this is the way to choose the stone that will help you amplify intentions and feel calm and connected on your transformational  journey.


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- Properties of  Labradorite -

Freewill // Focus  // Manifestation  // Magic   // Wisdom
// Truth behind thoughts and action // Creation // helps remove influence of others
Any chakra 
We only use raw natural stones so each stone will vary and have her own personality. There is perfection in the imperfection of raw crystals.

 Your ring is the exact one you select (eg A or B)

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