Firess Ring


Brand Wilder


Goddess of the Fire Element & symbol of self-motivation

Gifted in the Movement Arts 

Desires to build confidence and vitality to help promote change in life

Embodies themes of creativity, health, sexuality, motivation, confidence, activation, adventure and independence

Avian Familiar: The Cockatoo



  1. AS A POWER GUIDE (honouring parts of you that you have mastered)


Wear this symbol as an honorary token of your naturally fire-dominant disposition. If you feel ready to step up into your fullest Firess potential and use your gift to help guide others from this lense - work with this talisman daily to remind you of your essence, mission and desires in life.


  1. AS A SHADOW GUIDE (revealing parts of you un-actualised)

Wear this symbol as a reminder of the element of your life in which you feel you need to better understand and integrate into your whole being. If you have felt a lack of energy, confidence, motivation, aliveness or have noticed your eros, your sexual energy has been depleted or disconnected this is also a great archetype to work with intimately.


.925 Sterling silver

Designed by Sarah Wilder in QLD Australia, crafted in Bali, Indonesia