Clear Quartz Generator point | Extra Large


Draw in clarity and light into your space with our large statement Clear Quartz generator; a great stone for goal setting.

A statement piece perfect for setting intentions; place in an intuitively selected space around the home where you would like to invite in light energy. 


- Properties of Clear Quartz -

Clarity  // Amplification of ideas // setting intentions //
goal setting // purification // balance // self acceptance .
All Chakras

Approx sixe:

13cm tall / 9 cm wide



* All crystals have their own personality. Photos are samples only and yours may look slightly different. Your piece will be intuitively chosen for you. 

Please see our care instructions on how to look after your crystals. Avoid leaving your crystals out in the sun and avoid dropping them. Do energetically cleanse them and care for them with love.  

Click here for items to use to cleanse your crystals

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