Clear Quartz Loose Raw Crystal


Clear Quartz!! Your little bit of light embodied aplification. Clear Quartz is the perfect all-rounder crystal for clarity, manifestation, goal setting, finding balance and oh so much more! Our single small point pieces of serene Clear Quartz are the perfect size to carry around in your purse, pocket, bag, car or even down your bra for daily alignment and complete balance.


Your crystal will be intuitvley choasen for you so may differ from the picture. each pice is approx. 4-5cm x 1cm and will come to you with a crystal meaning card for reference. So what are you waiting for?! Get ready for Clear Quartz to amplify your inner light and help you feel calm, clear and centered. Yes please! 


If you love crystal grids, then these are perfect to amp up the intentions of what you are putting out there!


These beauties are raw AF, so they have their own personality as they have come from the earth and are naturally formed. If you are looking for a perfected shaped point, these are NOT for you. These are for the crystal lover who appreciates natural crystals in their real form. 

*Please note you will receive x1 crystal. If you require more, please up the QTY at time of purchase - Enjoy!