Chakra Crown - ready made


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Embrace your inner goddess with a uniquely gorgeous Chakra crown.

Part of our new Priestess collection, our Chakra crowns have been made with sacred ceremony and healing intentions in mind. 


This listing is for a ready to ship Chakra Crown with 9 crystals:

Currently available: 

Chakra Balance crown in golden brass- with Lepidolite at the heart of the crown

Crystals in this crown: Lepidolite, Blue Kyanite, Green Calcite, Tangerine Quartz and Smoky Quartz.

If you would like to choose your band, wire and centre stone, please check out our "Design own" chakra crown. 


About our two styles:

Chakra balance: This crown is perfect for finding balance. She helps us deeply ground into our intentions and work solidly with finding balance in our chakras and in life. This crown is designed with 4 matching stones on each side of a key centre crystal. This centre is represented as our heart chakra which is also our gateway to our soul. You have the option to select from 4 different stones for your heart chakra stone depending on what you want to with deeply with. Two of the outside stones represent your higher chakras and the other two represent the lower chakras. We must always find balance between our physical humanness and our spiritual nature

Chakra flow: This crown is perfect for flowing intentions through the chakras left to right (up and down). Embody the flow of life and learn to go with the flow. The crown is designed with 9 different stones from left to right each representing the 9 chakras (including the earth star and soul star chakras).


 Your headpiece has been handcrafted with love using high quality, raw and natural crystals. All crystals have been intuitively hand selected then delicately hand wire wrapped  onto stainless steel band.

The crystals are kept in their unique natural state so no two crystal crowns will be exactly the same.

Each crown is handmade in Queensland, Australia and energetically cleansed using crystal healing techniques prior to postage.



Where to wear my crown?


Our Priestess collection has been made with ceremony in mind. 

Perfect for healings, meditation, retreats, goddess gatherings or any sacred moment of your choice. 


Take the time to connect with your crown prior to wearing and set your own intention. The chakra crown has been intentionally created to work with flowing intentions through each chakra and finding balance through the energy centres. 


Crystal meanings:

Blue Kyanite : Great for clear communication. Keeps you balanced and in alignment. Helps you know the right words to say. .

Clear Quartz helps us find clarity, manifestation and is amazing at amplifying intentions. Quartz can be programmed in any manner. This will amplify the energy of the other stones.

Green Calcite: Letting Go, non attachment to outcomes, releasing, opening space in the heart chakra.

Green Kyanite: Alignment, connection, helps keep you connected to your truth and with others

Lemurian Seed Quartz: The stone that helps you tap into ancient wisdom and understanding. This is a great option if you plan on doing meditation or energy work in your crown or if you want to reconnect with your inner deep knowing. They are very cleansing and work on your higher chakras (crown and soul star chakras). These stones look similar to clear quartz but have a light pink hue and striations. This is a very rare stone so only one or possibly two will be used in the piece.

Lepidolite  : Conscious feeling. Connecting to your emotions and embracing your inner beauty and truth. Great for channelling and energetic work.

Smoky Quartz: Great for the lower chakras, very grounding. I find this one the easiest to wear if you are energetically sensitive, as it keeps you protected and down to earth.

Tangerine Quartz: helps us tap into our creativity, self worth plus helps with working on and growing relationships with others. A powerful crystal for igniting the fire of the sacral chakra.


Wire meanings:

Silver: cycles, feminine, goddess, balance, patience, connecting to the goddess pathway of flow.

Copper: Energise, action, movement, amplify, optimism, vitality, helps with restlessness and removing restrictions.

Gold: Confidence, regenerating, abundant, allowing yourself to shine, master healer.  

Brass: finding the inner good and ultimate truth, releasing the old. 


Looking after your crystals:

Each piece is energetically cleansed and charged using crystal healing techniques prior to postage.

You may also choose to connect to your crystals prior to wearing them. To do this, sit with them in meditation or just simply hold them for a few minutes. You can even set an intention of how you would like them to help you. Crystals absorb energy so it is important to charge and energise your crystals about once a month.

A couple of ways to cleanse and recharge them is to place your crown out under the full moon overnight or smudge with a Sage or Palo Santo stick.

Raw crystals are delicate; maintain the integrity of your jewellery by avoiding bending the wire or dropping the crystals on hard surfaces. Do not try to re-twist the wire as this could ruin the integrity of the crown.

Each crown comes wrapped in it’s own special hand stamped calico pouch, perfect for storage and gift giving. You will also receive a crystal meaning card and a care card.


If you are gifting this piece to a friend please message us if you would like a special note to go to into the package from you.