Boss Babe | Crystal Intention Pack


A 'boss babe' is the kind of woman who knows SHE is the buisness! Our Boss Babe Crystal bag contains 5 super charged high vibing crystals all with properties to enhance your drive, creativity and power to push yourself and your buisness to its highest potential!


This Crystal Intention pack contains:

1 x Tiger's Eye - Personal Power

1 x Pyrite - Spark of Life

1 x Carnelian - Bold energy & Motivation 

1 x Aventurine - Confidence & Courage

1 x Chrysoprase - Fearless Movement

And with a handful of canelian and citrine chips.


Your powerful little treasures come in a beautiful eco pouch and a card to remind you of each crystals properties. 


Your crystals will be chosen for you intuitivley so they may noty be exactly as pictured.

The stones are mostly polished or tumbled so you can easily carry in your pocket or bra.