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Dreamer Sleep Gift Set 

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We’ve created the dream duo for a good nights rest with our new Dreamer Serene Sleep Set. It pairs our beautiful Amethyst Infused roller Dreamer blended to promote calm and deep sleep with a beautiful Dreamer reversible sleep mask. These two beauties will arrive in a gorgeous gift box..



Dreamer Amethyst Infused Perfume Roller: A crystal infused essential oil blend to calm the mind, relax the body and support peaceful sleep. A dreamy mix combining lemon, juniper berry and lavender essential oils. Perfect as a light natural perfume alternative. Features a Dream Amethyst rollerball.

Dreamer Sleep Mask: A beautiful reversible Dreamer Sleep Mask. Perfect for a good nights sleep and for travel!

Arrives in a beautiful gift box.



As you get ready for bed, roll your Dreamer perfume roller onto your wrists and pressure points. You can also use it on the soles of your feet for quicker absorption. Place your Eye Mask on and get ready for a blissful nights sleep!




Lavender Oil: Known as the oil of communication & calm, lavender is universally adored for it's soothing properties. Amazing for sleep, relaxation, calming anxiety and easing headaches.

Lemon Oil: It might be surprising to find a citrusy oil like lemon in a sleep blend but this little gem has actually been proven to have a calming, sedative effect on the body and also eases anxiety. 

Juniper Berry Oil: Known as the oil of the night, this beautiful oil is known to calm nightmares and disruptive sleep and instead encourage peaceful dreams.

Organic Coconut Oil: Natural skin softener for lasting skin hydration.


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Kirsty G.

Thank you Soul Quartz!!!
I received my beautifully presented purchases in the mail. It was so lovely to receive a mail item all gift wrapped for me!
I am so looking forward to using the dreamer kit which smells divine when I next fall into bed, I just know it will assist the quality of my sleep after a long day.
Whether it's an in-store purchase where you greet me at the doorway to your lovely boutique with smiles and so much knowledge or a mail purchase, you always know how to brighten my day and make me feel special.
Be proud of the amazing business you have created! Myself and my daughters will be avid supporter's for many years to come.