Black Tourmaline Stella ring | Sterling silver


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Shine like the stars in our new Stella rings.
Each ring is handmade with love using solid sterling silver 925.
Fully adjustable 
Ideal for sizes 4 - 10.
The ring adjusts from the top which you shape around your finger.
No pinching the bottom of your finger.  
Adjustable rings are great for hot days when your finger expands
or cool days when your fingers shrink down. 
Looks stunning paired with other silver rings, or on her own as a statement piece.
Can be worn as an everyday staple piece to add to your bohemian wardrobe. 
- Properties of  Black Tourmaline  -

Protection //  self trust  // feeling safe  // security blanket // panic
Base Chakra 
Note: Black tourmaline is a soft stone.
Look after your ring by avoiding dropping or knocking it on hard surfaces 
We only use raw natural stones so each stone will vary and have her own personality. Keep in mind that raw stones are perfect in their imperfections.