Athena Blue Fluorite Necklace | Sterling Silver


Introducing our NEW 'limited edition' polished crystal pendant- Athena - named after the Goddess of Wisdom and Craft. 

Blue Fluorite is the crystal of organisation, focus and discipline- expect your day to day life to attract all kinds of magic with Athena in Blue Fluorite beaming her brilliance!


All pieces have their own personality and yours will be intuitively chosen for you, therefore it may differ from the picture. The pendants are approx 2cm x 1cm and come on our 45cm or 50cm sterling silver chain.


*If the length isn't specified we will send you the 45cm chain. 'Athena' is the perfect sized pendant to layer back with your other soulful jewellery, especially our very own sterling silver (or gold fill - if you love a gold and silver match) hand wrapped dainty crystal necklaces.