Aphrodite Quartz Crown in Clear Quartz


Quartz Crowns 2.0


Our crystal crowns are for the Quartz Queens who own her value and worth.

It's for the Queen who is ready to embody her lease on life and feel amazing.

It is for the Queen who shows herself love any time.

It is for the Queen who says YES to herself and fills up her own cup first.

It's for the Queen who basks in her power under the luna eclipse and the rising sun. 

Are you ready to embody your QUEEN?



Aphrodite - the goddess of love



Aphrodite mantra: When you love and see yourself you are loved and seen. 


Wear her when you are showing love and gratitude to yourself and the world will mirror love and gratitude back to you.

Wear her when you are ready to remind yourself of how loved you are.


Your crown is made with love by our Soul Quartz team. Infused with highest love and intention for you to see your own greatness.

Each stone is raw and natural; hand selected intentionally by our team of experienced jewellers for their healing properties and beauty. The team is headed by our founder Tegan Mel who has been creating these stunners for 6 years and jewellery for 10+ years.



The crystals are kept in their unique natural state so each crown is beautiful in its uniqueness .

Each piece is energetically cleansed prior to postage.




This range is made on a black band and copper wire beautiful for most hair!


Clear Quartz:

Find clarity, manifestation and is amazing at amplifying intentions. Clear Quartz can be programmed in any manner and will amplify the energy of other stones. Perfect for goal setting and bringing big dreams into reality


Looking after your crystals:


Raw stones have their own shapes and uniqueness like us. They also can be delicate so be gentle when looking after your crown and avoid dropping on hard surfaces. She is a piece to be loved. Bending the wire and re-twisting will affect the integrity of the design so keep your crown beautiful for years to come by maintaining the wire as it is. 

A couple of ways to cleanse and recharge them is to place your crown out under the full moon overnight or smudge with a Sage, Palo Santo or a space clearing mist (available with us online and in store).


If you are gifting this piece to a friend please leave a message at check out with your special note to go to into the package from you.


xx Tegan and SQ team