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Ruby Selene Hoops | Yellow Gold


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Our stunning  Ruby Selene Hoops with inspire to courage and confidence in all who you are!

The are also  the perfect addition to brighten up your outfit! Our easy to wear hoops look beautiful dressed up for a night out or everyday for a pop of sparkle. 

Subtly catching the light, similar to the moon in the night sky; these earrings will add a touch of goddess like elegance to your look. Hand hammered texture on the hoop gives a subtle eye catching sparkle.

Named after Selene, the goddess of moon, our hoops reminisce the moon at her cyclic stages. Seen from different angles when wearing, the hoops can remind us of the full, new or crescent moon. The emotional wisdom of the moon is shared and intentionally entwined into the attached crystal.


| Stones |

We only use authentic, raw, natural stones in our jewellery.

The beauty of natural raw crystals is that they are all unique. Your earrings will have their own personality and may vary slightly to the ones shown. 


| Meanings | 

Amber: Joy, laughter, lightness, honest expression, sacral chakra

Amethyst: Peace, humility, calming, intuition | February birthstone | 

Apatite: Foresight, intuition, breaks cycles

Aquamarine: Simplification, clear communication | March birthstone

Blue Kyanite: Alignment, balance, grounded, connected.

Carnelian: Creativity, focused, optimism, vitality | July birthstone

Citrine: Abundance, confidence, deserving | Nov birthstone 

Clear Quartz: Clarity, goal setting, balance.

Garnet: Manifestation of purpose, gateway, stepping up as you | January birthstone

Pyrite: Spark of life, happiness, confidence, memory, focus, helps with panic attacks

Ruby: Courage, passion for life, drive | July birthstone

Smoky Quartz: Self acceptance, positive changes, present moment.

Tangerine Quartz: Desires, passion, inner strength.


| 14k Gold Filled |

14k gold filled wire is used to individually hand shape the hoops and crystal settings. Gold fill lasts a many years and won't simply "rub off" after a few wears like plating will.  Gold filled is great for almost all ear sensitivities. 

| Sterling silver 925 |

Our sterling silver is solid and perfect for any lover of silver jewels. Keep your silver shiny with a polishing cloth.

| Handmade |

Each pair is lovingly handmade in our Sunshine Coast studio and all crystals are individually hand selected using intention and intuition. 


| Dimensions |

Generally the stones with bail are approximately 2cm long (can however range between 1.5cm and 2.5cm).

The diameter of the hoop is approximately 4cm. Our hoops are 100% handmade and may not be the exact diameter or a perfect circle. Crystal sizing is measured against the length of the stone.

| Crystal Care | 

Head to our "About" section for information on crystal care. We are passionate about taking care of the crystals so each piece is carefully smudged prior to postage. 

| Packaging | 

Your earrings come wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper, tucked in an eco friendly hand stamped calico pouch, perfect for storage and gift giving; along with a crystal meaning note and care card. If you are gifting this piece to a friend please comment upon check out with your message, and we will happily put a special note to go to into the package from you.

Hand crafted with love on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

Crystal information thanks to The Liquid Crystals.