Nourish your Home set - Rose Earth


Nourish your home set

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Our Nourish your Home set in Rose Earth will add that extra touch of decadence to your home.

This bundle makes the perfect gift for a new home, a yogi, practicing meditation, crystal lover (to cleanse their crystals), or treat yourself!



1x Sage pot in Rose Earth

For burning / putting out / storing your smudge stick

Did you know .... our sage pots are multi purpose and can also be used for drinking cacao, tea, coffee, storing treasures, holding make up brushes or writing tools, or anything your creative mind can vision! Click here to shop our smudge sticks

1x Incense holder in Rose Earth

Designed to safely hold our eco incsense - your insense has never looked so beautiful! 

1x pack of eco incense in Love

Eco friendly and sustainably handmade in India. The wrapping is made using deadstock material. 

To read more about our Eco Incense click here


*Please note: smudge stick is not included in this set * 


Rose Earth is inspired by the crystal hues of Rose Quartz; the Rose Earth colourway collection will help remind you to fill up your own cup

and take nourishing care of you (as well as others).



Create a sacred space

~ choose your favourite incense (or the one included).

~ place incense in holder and light.

Take a deep breath and set an intention. 

Pick up a smudge stick, light it and waive the smoke around yourself from head to toe (front and back if possible)

head to the doorways and corners of your space to clear the energy

If you are meditating waive the smoke over the meditation area and any crystals. 

Use the Sage Pot to butt out your smudge stick.

Take a comfortable seat and 5 deep breaths and settle into your meditation practice (perhaps guided or follow your inhale and exhale). 

~ butt out incense in catchment area when done (if still burning).


Never leave incense unattended . Make sure your space is well ventilated when using sage and incense. 

Keep out of reach of pets and small children.



 Incense holder: Approx 2cm tall and 10 cm diameter.

Sage pot: approx 8cm tall and 6cm wide

Each piece is unique as they are all hand created. Size and colour may vary slightly.


Slow made with love by Carys Martin Ceramics in Redlands Coast, Brisbane for Soul Quartz 

Each piece is uniquely handcarved and made with loving intention and stamped with Soul Quartz and Carys Martin. 

Keep your piece vibrant and avoid dishwashers and microwaves.

Any piece with 12 crt gold is not suitable for microwave.


* Smudge stick is not included in this set *