Looking after your crystals

Looking after your crystals


How to look after your crystals: 

Cleansing your crystals:
Our jewellery is made with loving intention and cleansed before posting.
Here are some suggestions on how you can look after your crystals at home
  • Smudging: light a white sage or palo santo smudge stick and allow the smoke to go over the crystal.
  • Sage sprays and space clearing sprays are fantastic. We have our favourites which we sometime stock at festivals and events. 
  • Wash them in salt water (there are some crystals you shouldn't do this such as selenite, malachite, chrysocolla etc - please do your research before putting any crystal in water).
  • Bury them in the ground for 48 hours. Word of warning: this is not the most ideal way to cleanse crystals that are wrapped in fine jewellery settings , however the crystals love it. We don't suggest doing this with your jewels.
  • Sound // Use a crystal bowl or singing bowl to re-clense the crystal's frequency
  • Intention // this method generally gets forgotten but setting an intention to clear the crystal from any stagnant energy or anything that no longer serves it's purpose, feel the stone being cleared and then stating "clear, clear, clear"; it is OK for this to be quick or even instantaneous. Intention is powerful. 
Energetically connecting to the crystal :
However, you may also choose to connect to your crystals prior to wearing them.
To do this, sit with them in meditation or just simply hold them for a few minutes and close your eyes and visualise or feel how you would like the crystal to help you.
 Crystals absorb energy so it is a good idea to cleanse and energise your crystals about once a month (see above for ideas)
Raw crystals are delicate;  maintain the integrity of your jewellery by avoiding bending the ear posts/ hooks/ wire settings or dropping the crystals on hard surfaces. Look after your crystal earrings by not sleeping or swimming in them. 
Some of the metals used can tarnish over time (this is a personal thing and varies from person to person as we all have a slightly different make up). 
Copper and sterling silver have a tendency to darken over time and on smaller proportion of the population copper can turn some people's skin green. This is quite normal as it is the metals reacting to the environment. 
- To minimise tarnishing keep your crystals in the calico bag provided or in a jewellery box. Avoid using sprays or detergents while wearing your jewels. 
Polishing cloths are great to bring the shine back into silver, copper and gold.
Note: if you have higher acidity in your skin, we advise to avoid wearing your studs for extended periods of time in sweaty conditions - such as high intensity vigorous sport or very high humidity. Acidity in sweat can can sometimes cause the crystal to detach from the backing over a period of time.
~ Love your crystals and they will love you back ~
January 30, 2018 by Tegan Mel
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