Crystal Yoga / Melbourne / 2 June

Winter is that time of year when we are given the opportunity to slow down, focus inwards and reconnect with who we truly are.

Excited to team up with Loretta Carraro from Nourished Energy to bring a deeply nourishing winter crystal yoga workshop to Melbourne, based on the TCM water element.

During this two hour experience you'll be guided to learn about connecting to your crystals, practice a gentle yoga flow with your crystal and then as you relax into Savasana, let your senses be carried away during a sound bath, vibrational healing and meditation.

What's included?

- Learn which crystals are perfect for reflection, reconnection and self-care
- Find out ways to use your crystals and most importantly how to program them to suit your intention
- Learn how to set effective intentions and goals
- Slow flow yoga practice based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) element of water, to help find nourishment in introspection (beginners welcome). - Yoga practice will also incorporate the use of our intention set crystals
- Sound bath - Tibeten Singing Bowls with Ashleigh Bell
- Reiki and crystal healing
- Meditation

- Yummy treat and warm tonic drink at the end

You'll receive a crystal to use during the afternoon, nourishing treats and crystal gifts.

Investment: $67


Join us on 2 June from 2pm

At Studio 3 Moonee Ponds in Melbourne. 

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Water element:

In TCM the water element is based on the Kidney Adrenals and the Urinary Bladder meridians. These meridians can drift out of balance through stress, fear and over doing. Winter is a perfect time to slow down and become more gentle on yourself. When we are stressed we drain our live force energy. Our gentle practice of crystal connection, yoga and meditation will help find that deep pause in our hectic, always on lives. 

About your facilitators:
Loretta Carraro is the Founder of Nourished Energy. Loretta aims to empower women to be the best version of themselves and to live a life of their dreams. As a Transformational Coach, Reiki Master-Teacher and Certified Crystal Practitioner, she works with clients on a holistic level to achieve soul-nourishing results.

Tegan Mel is the gem behind Soul Quartz a bohemian raw crystal jewellery brand based in sunny Queensland. In addition to creating crystal crowns and healing jewellery, she is a qualified yoga teacher, has a background in energetic and crystal healing and an Advanced Liquid Crystal practitioner.


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