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Natural Raw Emerald Necklace


Emerald raw gemstone necklace wrapped in copper wire
Allow yourself to shine while wearing a gorgeous raw Emerald necklace. Each piece keeps the original raw state of the crystal so it will stand out as one of a kind statement piece.

All crystals have been individually hand selected using intention and intuition, then hand wire wrapped using copper wire. Each piece is handmade right here in Queensland, Australia. For easy and versatile wear, your crystal is hung on a sturdy adjustable hemp cord.

The crystals are kept in their unique natural state so no two pieces are the same. Each piece is energetically cleansed and charged using crystal healing techniques prior to postage.
Due to the raw nature of the crystals, each necklace is unique.
You will receive the EXACT crystal in this photo:

About the crystal:
Emerald has a simple purpose of Spiritual Healing.

Emerald: Helps to unite all parts of ourselves through healing. We can create what sparks joy by putting that love into action. Love is the truest energy – by following the highest feeling we can gain patience, peace and optimism. Emerald also helps us create mental clarity so that we can find the right action. She is one of the ultimate old world goddess crystals and has a lot to teach us if we listen

Chakra: heart.
Looking after your crystals: Each piece is energetically cleansed and charged using crystal healing techniques prior to postage. You may also choose to connect to your crystals prior to wearing them. To do this, sit with them in meditation or just simply hold them for a few minutes. You can even set an intention of how you would like them to help you. Crystals absorb energy so it is important to charge and energise your crystals about once a month. A couple of ways to cleanse is to place them out under the full moon overnight or smudge with a sage stick.

Raw crystals are delicate; maintain the integrity of your jewellery by avoiding bending the silver wire or dropping the crystals on hard surfaces. Look after your crystal necklace by not sleeping or swimming in it.


Emerald is the MAY birthstone.

Each item comes in it’s own special hand stamped calico pouch, perfect for storage and gift giving. You also receive a crystal meaning card and a care card.

If you are gifting this piece to a friend please email us if you would like a special note to go to into the package from you.
Postage is standard- if you would prefer registered or express post please message us prior to ordering will work out the additional cost.

Hand crafted with love on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

Crystal information thanks to The Liquid Crystals.

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